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A Guide to Choosing the Right Video Creation AI Tool for You

Today, in the digital age, we can’t ignore how important video content is. If you run a business, make content or want to tell your stories, using video creation AI tools is now a big help. Because making a script, getting all the pictures and editing everything to be perfect or almost there can take a lot of your time. This article will guide you in choosing the best video creation AI tool. This strong tool uses smart thinking to make fun videos. It saves your time and effort too.

Synthesia – A Great Video Making AI Tool:

An Overview

Synthesia became a strong video-making AI, changing the way videos are made with advanced AI tech. Synthesia, used by over 50,000 companies worldwide and the world’s top-rated video creation AI platform. Its easy-to-use design and many options make it a top pick for people, small groups, or big businesses.

You can look at a collection of many digital avatars that look real all over the world. Then, pick the voice that fits best with your body and you’re all set to put in your script. The user interface is easy to use and pays a lot of attention to its main feature. After you put in the script, Synthesia will do amazing things to make the avatar look real with moving lips and body. Synthesia lets you pick your favorite avatar and add extra scenes to the video. It offers a choice of pre-made layouts with text for adding slides. You can change the words and appearance to match your brand.

Key Features

  1. 140+ Video Avatars: Synthesia makes your videos better with a big collection of over 140 AI characters. This big set makes sure that your videos look interesting and easy to understand for many people.
  2. 120+ Languages: Synthesia helps with more than 120 languages by removing language barriers. This worldwide power lets video makers make clips that connect with people from all over the world.
  3. 60+ Video Templates: Synthesia makes it easier to create by giving out more than 60 video templates for use. These templates cover different subjects and needs, giving a starting point that people can change as per their special content needs.
  4. Custom Avatars: Synthesia lets people make their own virtual characters. This adds a special and brand touch to videos they create. This function is very helpful for companies wanting to keep a steady look on their content.
  5. Free AI Video Generator: Synthesia knows how important exploration is. With a free AI video maker, people can use the tool’s features without spending any money. This lets people and companies try things out before deciding if they want to pay for a subscription.
  6. AI Video Editor and Maker: The AI video editor on the platform makes it easy to edit, just like working on a slide show. If you’re new or experienced at making videos, Synthesia’s easy-to-use controls let you quickly change your videos. This makes everything work better.
  7. AI Voice Generator: Synthesia’s AI voice maker makes it easy to turn text into good quality voiceovers with just one click. The platform has voiceovers in many languages. This helps people around the world hear things smoothly and easily.
  8. Text to Video, Text to Speech, Script to Video: Synthesia has three strong features that let people turn text into interesting videos. It also helps make good voice overs from written words and then changes scripts to exciting video stuff easily.
  9. Synthesia Tools: The website’s set of tools, including an AI made script creator lets people make great scripts quickly. The video translator tool makes it easier to change content for different people. This helps your videos reach more viewers.

How Does It Work?

  1. Create Your Script: Start by making your script, the base of what you say in a video. If you already have a script or need help, Synthesia lets you use your own words. It can also make a script for you using AI and prompts like Chat GPT if needed.
  2. Customize Your Video: Now that you have the script ready, it’s time to make your video come alive. Synthesia gives you lots of choices to change things like pictures and colors. You can pick what you want it to look like. Pick from more than 140 video personas, set the right settings and adjust other details to make your video look better.
  3. Collaborate: Synthesia helps people work together by letting them all do a project at the same time. This teamwork part makes sure that groups can all work together to make a video.
  4. Share and Export: When your video is done and looking good, Synthesia helps you to share it with the people you want to see it. You can also send your video in different types, so it works with various ways to watch.


With plans such as Starter for $22 a month, Creator at $67 a month and customizable Enterprise solutions, it simplifies video creation. It gives features like AI avatars, support for many languages and an AI script helper.


Synthesia is a top video creation AI tool for making AI videos. It’s easy to use but also has advanced features. Its fast change of text to video, many languages, different avatars and easy editing make it a strong tool for anyone making videos. If you’re making things on your own or are part of a big business, Synthesia makes it easy and smooth to turn your thoughts into exciting videos.